Roast Pork Spareribs with Honey and Mustard
Triple Chocolate Muffins
Chili con Carne
Dark Chocolate Brownie with Pistachio
Fer’s Mexican Breakfast
Sugar Beet Hummus
Salmon Carpaccio with Orange Passion-Fruit
Homemade Bread in 5 minutes
Thick Green Chile Sauce (Mole Pipian Verde)
Pumpkin Maple Pie Topped with Roasted Pistachios
Potato Souffle with Garlic Scapes
Macaroon Kisses
Fresh Homemade Donuts
Halloween Cupcakes
Pumpkin with Feta Cheese
Chocolate, Almond and Pistachio Sweets
Chau Chau Rice
Homemade Peanut Butter
Chocolate Caramel Gourmet Flowers
Crisp Goat Cheese and Fig Stars
French Strawberry Shortcake
Whole Wheat Bread with Cinnamon, Blueberries, and Raisins
Jerusalem Savory Cookies with Tahini and Parsley Sauce
Vegetable Quiche
French Toast on Wine
Smoked Salmon with a Spinach Saute
Individual Chocolate and Speculoos Entremet
Palmiers of Orange and Chocolate
Red Pepper and Parsley Spanish Pizza
Tofu with Cress
Pear and Cardamom Tatin Tart
Whole Wheat Biscotti with Chestnut Flour
Baked Codfish with Vegetables
Chocolate and Cream Cheese Cake
Chocolate Tart with Mini Marshmallows
Rice Treats
Chicken, Sausage and Mushrooms in Wine Sauce
Grilled Vegetable Pastry and Kalamata Cod
Mackerel and Shallot Appetizers
Nigella Lawson's Chocolate Pavlova with Exotic Fruit
Cecina Bread
Chocolate Cupcakes
Party Bowl of Trail Mix
Orange Cake from My Childhood
Sea Bream Tartare With Pomegranate
Lemon Mousse
Leek and Tapioca Soup
Marble Bundt Cake
Porridge with Sultanas
Gluten-free Date and Walnut Cake
Orange Curd Tartletts With Chocolate Ganache.
Red Pesto Focaccia with Avocado and Smoked Anchovy
Juicy Italian Meatballs
Peach and Raspberry Galettes with Lavender Whipped Cream
Fish Fillets with Mayonnaise and Mozzarella
Chili Flavored Oil
Beef with Battered Broccoli
Cod topped with Portuguese Broa Bread
Sweet and Savory Summer Rack of Lamb
Vegetable Crepes
Cashew Cake with Coconut Icing
Apple Cake
Beef Stew
Small Express Mango Speculoos Biscuit Creams
Chicken Nuggets with Homemade Ketchup
Artichoke Quiche
Pasta with Ground Beef
Chocolate Cream, Hazelnut, and Oat Biscuits
Simple Sweet Bread
Pasta Fagiole
Fondue Croquettes with Red Berry Chutney
Austrian Christmas Cookies (Vanillekipferl)
Mini Pear and Gorgonzola Pies with Rosemary
Garlic Chicken
Vegetable and Meat Lasagne
Amor Polenta Cake
Coconut and Oat Cookies
Carrot Cake
Raspberry and Coconut Cake / Bread
Apple and Strawberry Juice
Coca Cola Gums
Root Vegetable Tart Tatine
Nutella and Mascarpone Cheese Cake
Cabbage Crumbs, Sausage and Black-Eyed Peas
Cream of Jerusalem Artichokes, Roasted Nuts, Tarragon and Truffle Oil
Double Chocolate-Tangerine Dacquoise
Pistachio and Pear King Cake
Tuna Wraps
Green Chile Pepper Omelet
Chocolate Chestnut Ice Cream
Smoked Salmon Rolls
Apple and Pumpkin Crumble, served in Jars
Apple and Ginger Juice
Sacrestani Cookies
Blueberry Scones
Béchamel Sauce
Twice Baked Irish Style Potatoes
Mini Raspberry Glaze Cheesecakes
Caprese Salad
Apple Pie Delights
Grandma’s Pipian Sauce Chicken
Sweet Cookie Balls
Creme Brulee with Passion Fruit
Rich Chocolate / Carambars Cream
Chicken Steaks Stuffed with Cottage Cheese
Tlaxcalan Style Soup
Cottage Cheese and Figs Tureen
Avocado and Radish Dip
Honey Panna Cotta with Blackberries
Zucchini with Salmon, Prawns and Sweet Potato Stuffing
Red berries Pavlova
Sweet and Spicy Chicken
Chickpea and Cod Croquettes with Aiol
Homemade Doowaps
Chicken with Coppa and Rosemary
Apple Pancakes with Ice Cream and Honey
Cucumber Mint Raita
Carrot, Walnut, and Date Cake
Rainbow Muffins
Lime and Coconut Pie
Strawberry Custard Pie with Almond Cream
Chocolate Diamonds
Milano Cookies
Basic Waffles
Reduced-fat Brownies
Vegetable Stew
Zucchini and Leek Tartlets with Marinated Salmon
Peach and Apple Salad
Sauteed Scallops with Chanterelles
Phyllo Dough Stars with Egg Cream
Baked Turkey Cutlets with Cheese, Cream, and Mushrooms
Rice Cake with Cardamom
Tuna Boat Appetizers
Sauteed Chicken with Coriander, Mushrooms and Sausage
Mushrooms Stuffed with Corn Bread and Coriander
Date, Coconut, and Spices Truffles
Spicy Christmas Biscuits
Savory Blueberry Loaf
Tahitian Vanilla Ice Cream with Pistachios
Grilled Salmon with almond sauce
Tagliatelle a la Mariniere
Marinated Salmon with Spices and Vodka
Giant Financier with Blueberries and Almonds
Ham, Cheese, and Mushroom Pocket Bread
Chocolate and Vanilla Mille-feuille Pudding
Cheese and Arugula-Filled Umbrian Breads
Little Quinoa Breads